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“I didn’t want to lose weight unhealthily, but I didn’t know how to do it any other way,” Fox told the December 2012 issue of he ate nothing but an apple a day for months. That can’t be good for you.” PHOTOS: Matthew Fox Puts His Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Home On The Market Recent troubles in Fox’s personal life have not helped the married father-of-two grow old gracefully either.

Cohen, incredulous, couldn't help pushing the topic just a little further.

He told Cohen that it was weird doing kissing scenes with her because he was 24 at the time — and she was just 16.

That exact time (in military time) on that exact date matches the mysterious numbers from the ABC hit: 4-8-15-16-23-42, the numbers seen on Hurley’s lotto ticket and the computer in the hatch and whatever that deal was with Jacob and the island and a lighthouse.

May 23 will mark the five-year anniversary of the show ending (and last year, Sept.

There were a lot of hugs.” PHOTOS: TV shows gone too soon Wolf also discussed another one of his costars, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played his on-and-off girlfriend Sarah on the show.

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He is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Courage of Conscience Award by the Peace Abbey of Sherborn, Mass.

Interests: Noble gas geochemistry, thermochronometry, and cosmogenic nuclide observations applied to problems involving alpine glacial erosion, chemical weathering, lunar impacts and magnetism, and thermal conditions of Martian meteorites.

Matthew Fox is an internationally acclaimed theologian and spiritual maverick who has spent the last 40 years revolutionizing Christian theology, taking on patriarchal religion, and advocating for a creation-centered spirituality of compassion and justice and re-sacralizing of the earth.

As Radar previously reported, in May 20012 he was arrested and charged for driving under the influence while heading to a fast food restaurant in Bend, Oregon, for a late night snack.

PHOTOS: Matthew Mc Conaughey Is Shockingly Skinny At LAX “I was terribly embarrassed by that and take full responsibility for it,” Fox later confessed in a sit-down interview on the show.So far, there's no mug shot -- we're told the camera at the police station was broken.