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05-Dec-2017 18:22

As we get older, however, melodrama becomes increasingly less acceptable, and compatibility and kindness begin to look more and more desirable. We can have and enjoy the deep thrills of romantic love and the comfort of stability at the same time.Recent research has shown that emotional safety is actually the jumping-off point for love that’s as heady as it is healing.As a therapist who has worked with couples for more than three decades, I have learned a lot about finding this state and achieving that balance.In this article, I will share two powerful yet simple techniques for deepening safety and diving into new zones of intimacy.It’s always on his terms which makes me feel a little like a puppet. It’s hard because I am a go-getter, a director, an over achiever and I’m wickedly smart.It seems like a tricky tightrope to strike the balance between being true to yourself and letting him lead, if it’s not something that feels good to me. I also had a VERY insecure childhood which left me with a lot of anxiety as an adult, and insecure attachment. I’m just faced with a lot of emotional stress when I try.” A lot of women have a problem with following a man’s lead and often come up with an argument like the last paragraph.This is an interesting behavioral pattern of an anxious-avoidant.

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If you would like to try out some techniques for dating without the drama, but with just as much fun, read through these three top tips for relaxed-style dating.

Join Dating without drama may seem like an unattainable goal for most people as we are constantly informed that the divorce rate is over 60% and climbing.

But the simple, truth is that people are not taking the time and effort to really get to know one another anymore.

Many of us have wasted years in relationships whose hallmarks were conflict and drama.

In our early years, when youthful ignorance and emotional baggage are still with us, we often feed off the excitement of drama and, not knowing any better, allow it to take the place of authentic connection.As the creator of "Dating Without Drama," she aims to help women improve their own self-esteem and better understand men so they can find – and keep – a healthy, loving relationship.

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