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Pour les bricoleuses et bricoleurs, avant de commencer vos travaux, nous vous conseillons de bien préparer votre chantier, d'être équipés du bon outillage, choisissez des matériaux de qualité, respecter les dosages préconisés par les fabricants.

Pensez à bien ranger votre chantier et nettoyer votre outillage.

Leaving their sexual deserts behind they seek comfort.

The notion that an actual woman is connected to the body they desire to assuage their parched sexuality is irrelevant.

One person said, “I heard of Fort Meade, but I really don’t know anything about Fort Holabird. ” A couple other people were equally as ignorant about Fort Holabird.

I thought Christ, these people live here, and they never heard of the place? Finally, I asked the information person at the bus terminal, who mercifully knew what bus I should take to get to this mystery military post.

: Avant d'entreprendre des travaux de maçonnerie voici quelles que conseils, reboucher une fissure est à la portée d'une bricoleuse ou d'un bricoleur débutant, alors que réaliser une ouverture dans un mur porteur comporte des risques, le mot "porteur" n'a pas été choisi par hasard, c'est lui qui supporte votre maison, ou les appartements de vos voisins.

And we all know that’s no way to enjoy sex or feel motivated to continue doing it.

Sitting on a bunk is just not the same as sitting in a real chair.

I wonder if today I would find a seat on Greyhound bus quite as wonderful as it seemed then.

Only a woman who has been living in a cave for a decade would be remotely interested in dating this fellow who acts first, thinks second, and then, maybe, feels third.

After divorce, women seem to take time to consider what has happened and how they might avoid disaster next time.

The tiny island of civilian life on the Greyhound bus gave me three hours to stare out the window and think about the past eight weeks, about my life prior to those eight weeks, and how strange it seemed that things I had nothing to do with and had no control over placed me on this bus headed south to some damned place no one seemed to know anything about.